Health and safety are important issues in youth circus. Unfortunately there is no such thing as the handbook on health and safety in youth circus and to complicate matters every European country has its own set of rules and regulations.

Even without a handbook we can derived general rules from different fields in society. To mention a few:

  • Key factors that influence health and safety in sports.
  • Safety rules while working with children
  • Rigging in the entertainment industry
  • Health and Safety at work.

Besides that there is loads of information to find on the internet using the mentioned elements in a search engine. We did not want to gather the information yet because we are not able to do a thorough research and structure all the available articles

For a start you could read a quite theoretical chapter on Health and Safety in circus issued by the FEDEC.
It is a start to structure our thinking on health and safety in a technical sense from which we might derive rules of thumb for the use in youth circus. In future EYCO sees an important role for itself on gathering general information on health and safety in the field of Youth Circus.