Mission Statement

EYCO aims at stimulating and supporting European Youth Circus on a national and European level


EYCO was constituted in 2009 to serve as a forum and seeding ground for European cooperation between National Youth Circus Networks. It is a non-profit organisation.

It was born out of the first Network of International Circus Exchange (NICE) Seminar in 2005 an initial informal networking event.

EYCO is the official umbrella organisation representing all European Youth Circus national umbrellas.

The organisation exists to stimulate, promote and support, on a national and European level, the process of recognising and structuring youth circus.


  • Oversee the organisation of the annual Network of International Circus Exchange
  • Work in collaboration with other European partners/ to research and develop basic training courses
  • Promote exchanges and partnerships with other European and International networks
  • Advocate for increased support for circus and physical arts education
  • Promote and support the development and exchange of trainers/administrators in youth circus
  • Promote and support the development of appropriate pathways into employment for young people
  • Develops appropriate partnerships with other European networks and the wider youth context