Juggling Masterclass


Find inspiration for your lessons

Experiental guided activity by Craig Quat

Physical and creative development:

  • Workshop on Motor Skills by Lapo
  • Thought on Creativity by Toon&Jarmo

Evaluation tools:

  • On the Method of open Space and Research


Fun games for warming up for juggling techniques

Check out these games – they help you with

  • warming upworkshop craig (2)
  • creating the group
  • stimulating creativity and focus
  • practice your balance



These techniques will improve your teaching juggling and performing

Cigar Box

Introducing the cigar box quickly and with loads of fun with these wonderful videos!

Club manipulation

Introducing club tricks quickly and with loads of fun!

Club passing

Introducing club tricks quickly and with loads of fun!

Planes and placements (rings & balls)

Introducing club tricks quickly and with loads of fun!


Introducing prechac quickly and with loads of fun: try this!

Creative juggling

Introducing creative juggling quickly and with loads of fun: try this!


Introducing creative juggling quickly and with loads of fun: try this!


These people were involved

Founder of the Cantabrian circus-theater company Malabaracirco. Diploma in circus techniques in Circomedia (UK). Continued his training at the National Circus School of Cuba, Arc en Cirque (France), Cirqule (Switzerland). Specializes in clowning, balancing, juggling and object manipulation. Worked with the English company FooBar Theatre and worked in various circus and theater projects in Spain and abroad. At present he is co-director of the Municipal School of Circus and Physical Theatre in Torrelavega, which opened in 2005. Contact Javier at: javimalabaracirco@gmail.com.
Javier Amígo Perez
Hello, this is Thilo Göpel. He lives in Berlin and works as circus teacher, visited Cabuwazi Circus Akademie Berlin, and member of BAG Zirkuspädagogik (German umbrella organisation). His special interest is prejuggling and the beginning how to learn to juggle, especially with young children, so if you want to share easy patterns or have a group of people that want to learn juggle, feel free to contact Thilo atbewegungdiebewegt@gmail.com.
Thilo Göpel
youth circus trainer
Came to Circus Amersfoort at age 14 and never left since. Teaching since he became 18 years old. Finished study of social cultural work with side note in circus in 2012. Passionate about youth circus and developing it. Current member of the EYCO Youth Forum. Contact Vincent at: vincent@circusamersfoort.nl
Vincent Vos
youth circus trainer
Trainer for trainers and director of AltroCirco, project for social circus development and networking in Italy. Graduated in philosophy and as pedagogical circus trainer at Ecole de Cirque de Bruxelles. Teaches circus as a socio-educative tools, especially in France, Spain, Switzerland, Ecuador and Italy, building a participative and inclusive methodology to facilitate personal development of participants through circus arts. Pedagogical director for the CATE, training for basic trainer in Europe and first step of this same project. Contact Tommaso at: tommaso.negri@gmail.com
Tommaso Negri
youth circus teacher
Toon is a circus performer and teacher from Belgium. He teaches hand to hand acrobatics and juggling at Cirkus in Beweging and the Circus Humaniora in Leuven (Belgium). As an artist he’s involved in the circuscollective Deux sans Trois and the recently founded There There company. Contact Toon at: toonvg@gmail.com.
Toon Van Gramberen
youth circus trainer
Meet Stijn Briers from Belgium. Stijn is a circus teacher in Circusplaneet in Ghent (Flanders, Belgium) Studied the Formation Pedagogique at École de Cirque de Bruxelles. Contact Stijn at: st.briers@gmail.com.
Stijn Briers
youth circus trainer
Sebastien teaches in Switzerland in different schools. At the moment is living and working in Lausanne. Sebastien is a performer, working as a clown and juggler and works with Circodream Cie in the show “Macroballes”. He has with a solo act “ Tour ça pour ça” with his clown character Dreyfus Karpette. More information on Sebastien on http://home.citycable.ch/s.bretin Contact Sebastien at: s.bretin@citycable.ch
Sebastien Bretin
youth circus teacher
Marjolein Wagter is a youth circus teacher with over 23 years of experience. She travels the world as an artist with Compagnie with Balls, and has delivered considerable input tot the CATE Handbook. She is also designer and coordinator of the PEYC Masterclasses. Contact Marjolein at: peyc.masterclasses@gmail.com
Marjolein Wagter
youth circus trainer and artist
Peter Duncan is from Wales. He is one of the founders of Circus Eruption and has over 20 years experience in social circus. Pete is working a an outreach worker for Circus Eruption. Experienced in creating partnerships and designing projects, and playing games. Passionate about inclusion, building social skills and training trainers. Looking to create games about creativity. You can contact Pete at: outreach@circuseruption.co.uk.
Peter Duncan
youth circus trainer
Luca Santor graduated in social education with a thesis on a social circus project in a juvenile prison. He worked for 3 years in the social circus project of de UCI Foundation in Turin (Italy) and in a project in Nairobi/Kenya. He studied at the Formation Pédagogique en Arts de Cirque at the École de Cirque de Bruxelles (2012). Luca is founding member of “AltroCirco”, a project of the Association “Giocolieri&Dintorni”, for the development and recognition of social circus in Italy. Graduated in the Circus school of Madrid, “Carampa” (2016).
Luca Santor
Lapo started to study physical education in 1999 in Florence (IT). He stopped these studies in 2000 to become a juggler. He has worked as a street artist since the 2000. He worked as a clown in hospitals from 2002 to 2009. In 2003 he started to teach circus, developing connections with physical education. Lapo is experienced in developing activities which build physical competencies, as a foundation for circus skills. In 2015 he returned to the university to graduate as a teacher of physical education. Contact Lapo at: lapobotteri@hotmail.it. www.lapobotteri.it www.circotascabile.com
Lapo Botteri
Kaupo Pilder lives in Estonia. He is a circus teacher in Circus Studio Folie in Talin. Contact Kaupo at: Kaupo@tsirkus.ee
Kaupo Pilder
youth circus trainer
Jarmo Humalajarvi is a juggler from Finland. He enjoys object manipulation, contact rolling, bounce juggling and classic toss juggling with balls and rings. He is working at Sorin sirkus in Tampere as a juggling and acrobatics teacher. He also works as a director and performer for Viihdytysjoukot Circus Group.
Jarmo Humalajarvi
youth circus teacher
This is Janni Johansson, circus artist from Finland also working as a circus teacher and performer. Her favourite juggling prop is cigar boxes. Other interests include circus games, creative research and making learning fun for the students. Contact Janni at: tierran2004@yahoo.com
Janni Johansson
Rafael Jack Sánchez Mc Guirk is a social educator specialized in social circus. Founder and director since 2008 of the Mc Bonaro’s community youth circus project in Rota (Spain). He currently works in Circo Corsaro, a social circus programme in Scampia (Naples). Trained by Cirque du Monde and AltroCirco, he studies the pedagogy and the impact of social circus in marginalized areas and youth at risk. https://sanchezmcguirk.wordpress.com Contact Jack at: sanchez.mcguirk@gmail.com
Rafael Jack Sánchez Mc Guirk
youth circus trainer
Federico Menini teacher Federico Menini is a juggler since 1998. He was born in Argentina, and lives in Spain since he was a child. Fede is a member of Donyet Ardit Circus Association of Alicante (Spain), where there is a social circus school, teaching circus to children. He works as a circus artist in the company La Trocola. He especially like juggling with balls, and club passing patterns. Email: elfedito@gmail.com
Federico Menini
This is Adrian Plaza. He is from Spain and works as a circus artist and socio educational teacher in the Donyet Ardit circus association. Adrian likes to juggle between several people and uses different mathematical methods to generate patterns of passing. Email: colorart_syk@hotmail.com
Adrian Plaza Joya
Davide Baldassarri is from iItaly. He started his circus career as a street performer in 2009. His passion is juggling with almost every throwning object especially hats. After few years he decided to specialize in equilibrium (ladder and slack rope) in Vertigo Circus School in Torino. Now he is teaching in Teatrazione and Vertigo circus school to all ages: from kids to adults. More information to be found on www.davidebaldassarri.it Facebook: La Fabbrica Di Bolle
Davide Baldassari


Useful reading material


  • Basic techniques in circus arts – Fondation Cirque Du Soleil


  • Why is that so funny? by John Wright (Nick Hern Books, 2006)
  • Improvvisiamo con spontaneità by Philip Radice
  • Pearls of juggling by Anthony Trahair
  • Multiple intelligences by Howard Gardner
  • Encyclopedia of Ball Juggling by Charlie Dancey
  • Social Circus Handbook for Teachers by Cirque du Monde
  • Reading list for research on juggling



  • www.passingdb.com –> joe pass
  • www.prechacthis.org
  • www.jugglinglab.sourceforge.net
  • Application for android: “Juggling Lab”


  • 5-Step Juggling Video: https://vimeo.com/craigquat/5stepjuggle
  • Harmonic Frequency Illustrator: http://kingstonjugglers.club/jvis/
    • open Source Instructions: http://www.quatprops.com/open-source-props
    • Prop Swap Notation: http://www.quatprops.com/prop-swap

    YouTube Playlist of Pedagogy Videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLszAHnQBYQoEv9GAcD6IWyB-rdUq1WRHO


  • www.circusgames.net
  • www.zirkuspaedagogik.de/
  • www.zak-koeln.com/fachstelle-nrw/circbib
  • www.circusarchiv.de