According the statutes of EYCO, the European Youth Circus Organisation is composed of three types of members:

Full members

Are active members, non-profit organisation and institutions, governmental or non-governmental with a national representation in the field of youth circus.

Candidate full members

Are active members non-profit organisation and institutions, governmental or non-governmental in the process of formalising their national representation in the field of youth circus.

Associated members

Are Youth circuses, schools or other individual organisations with an expertise in the field of youth circus and a specific engagement towards EYCO.

EYCO members


presentation of EYCO members

BAG Zirkuspädagogik (Germany)


The Federal Association of Circus Education „BAG Zirkuspädagogik.“ is a network of circus school, regional associations and circus teachers. It was founded 2005 in Berlin and currently has 115 members in 15 of the 16 federal states of Germany.

The purpose of the association is to support of the circus educational theory, in particular in child help, youth welfare and youth education, the adult’s education and the support of circus as an independent art form.

The statue purpose is to improve the work of the circus schools and the circus teachers. The BAG develops standards of the formation of circus teachers and animators

Circomundo (Netherlands)


Circomundo, the umbrella organization of the Dutch youth circuses, aims to promote and support the youth circus in The Netherlands through: Advocacy; Quality development; Providing a network and advisory structure; Circomundo focusses on support, quality improvement and promotion, encouraging collaboration among youth circuses,and with the professional field, in circus and other areas.
Target groups: Circus trainers, teachers, coaches and directors in youth circus and circus in general, Young amateur and (semi-) professional circus artists; Artists in the street, in a circus or other stages; Youth circus organizations, educational and cultural institutions for circus activities;
Circomundo, founded in 2002, now has 24 youth circus members and about ten other organizations as affiliated members. Internationally Circomundo contributes to the exchange and development of the youth circus through participation in NICE (Network for International Circus Exchange) and as a partner in EYCO (European Youth Circus Organization).

Circuscentrum (Belgium)


The Flemish Centre for Circus Arts is the hub of circus in Flanders. It contributes in every respect to the development and quality of the Flemish circus arts. The Circuscentrum is both a knowledge hub and an anchor for all circus arts in Flanders.

Circus artists – amateurs or professionals, the general public and organizers from different sectors can call on Circuscentrum. It aims at optimal development opportunities and a public acceptance of the culture of circus arts. The field of youth circuses forms an important bases for the circus scenery in Flanders.

The Circuscentrum supports a network of 20 member youth circuses. One of the main objectives is to initiate training and exchanging for quality improvement. Other supporting measures such as: to create playing opportunities for the youth circuses, lending service for circus material, organisation and developing support (accountancy, legislation information, financial support, etc.)

Circus Works (Great Britain)


The UK Youth Circus Network (UKYCN) was founded on World Circus Day -16th April 2011 at a meeting facilitated by Albert & Friends Instant Circus. It is now fully representative of youth circus in the UK. A key objective is to ensure that young people are at the heart of the decision-making process to guide, influence and strengthen the future of Youth Circus in the UK. In a committee meeting in Belfast in January 2014 it was decided to change the name to CircusWorks along with making UKYCN a charity and limited company. Partially this was because it was uncertain as to whether Scotland would still be in the UK and partially this was to give us a name that more reflects the aims of the organisation to make circus work for the youth circus sector.

Dubal (Danmark)


The Danish umbrella organisation started in 2007. The first initiative for the Danish umbrella organisation origin from the circus teachers who have visited the NICE meetings and were working together during the European circus camp organized by www.circuscamp.eu. Now Dubal represents 10 circus schools and about 300 individual members in Denmark. It aims to develop children and young people’s self-confidence, creativity, interpersonal skills and respect for their fellow man.

F.E.E.C.S.E. (Spain)

“Federation of training projects on introduction to circus, social circus and circus adapted nationally; formed by schools, associations and educational projects ”
The Federation was founded in 2013. The reason for creating this federation is to try to unite and join forces with the various training projects of circus in Spain. On the one hand creating a network of meeting and educational exchange between schools and other facilitate the implementation of new projects.
In our short existence we have created a directory of circus training projects, which has helped to realize the current situation and the number of schools out there. Federation members are trainers from different circus, circus performers, educators, circus trainers focused in pedagogy, and others with many years of experience in circus teaching fields.
The Federation includes 22 different types of training projects, including preparatory to circus schools, integration projects using the circus as an educational tool, associations that work with extraordinary people and projects of practice amateur circus for young people


Fédération Française des Ecoles de Cirque (France)


The « Fédération Française des Ecoles de Cirque » (FFEC) is a network of circus schools. It was founded in 1988 and currently has 139 members located all around France.
The organisation works in collaboration with varied partners (public Departments, culture professionals, circus schools…) so as to provide a high-quality circus training. The FFEC bases its quality on the founding precept “circus is an art, which is taught in respect for oneself and others”. It is about, for the Federation, to obtain guaranties in the field of health, security, pedagogy, training, administrative functioning, conditions of practice (place, materials,…) and link with artistic. In addition, the Federation takes an active part as well in the structuring of diploma for circus arts teachers (at first an intern diploma, as there were no national diploma, and secondly the Federation joined the creation of two national diplomas).”

Swiss Federation of Circus Schools (Switzerland)

The Swiss Federation of Circus Schools (FSEC) was created in 2007 with as main purposes the promotion, the development and the recognition of circus arts in Switzerland by supporting the education, the pedagogy and the creation. The Federation has more than 33 members coming from the three linguistics regions. To keep involved in the development of the circus and its education, the Federation is an active member of the FEDEC (European Federation of Circus Schools) and of EYCO (European Youth Circus Organization). Objectives of the FSEC; promote the membership of circus school; support of the schools: visit of the members to maintain the exchange and the collaboration, discuss needs and difficulties of each; watch the respect of the charter on the points of health, security and pedagogy; assure a modern communication: development of a platform of exchanges and information; develop circus pedagogy: structure formation in circus arts in Switzerland, train the teachers; organize cultural events: meetings between schools, exchanges of the young people; promote and value the arts of Swiss circus arts at the national and international level.

Finnish Youth Circus Association (Finland)


The Finnish Youth Circus Association (FYCA) promotes amateur youth circus activities and aims at providing better facilities for youth circuses and circus amateurs. The association brings together both amateurs and professionals and aims at developing possibilities for children and young people to take part in circus activities.

FYCA organizes events, camps and educational courses for its members. Currently, the focus is also on educating circus teachers. International activities, providing information and projects in co-operation with several other actors are also an important part of the activity.

Foundation Miasto Projekt (Poland)


Foundation is an initiative of 5 active people who want to implement ideas and dreams. Foundation works in spirit of Manifesto written down in 2009 which include objectives such as: “…Initiating foundation with the alternative art and sightseeing mind, education by the art, and art by the education, we declare to operate together, creative way, exceeding trough the boarders of our hitherto horizons, to make our purposes and dreams come truth. Our dreams, common and individual, and yours also, because foundations purpose is to make yours dreams real, as well as ours…”. Wev believe in 3 basic values: participation, sustainable development, tollerance. Foundation activities are divided in 3 locations:
Toruń (Participation, education by art); Łódź (New circus art and pedagogic, street working, participation, international projects and cooperation); Warsaw (New circus art and pedagogic, cultural events).

Giocolieri e Dintorni (Italy)


Associazione Giocolieri e Dintorni, founded in 2002, works as a national umbrella association for promoting contemporary circus art, youth circus and social projects in Italy. Together with publishing and distributing the quarterly Juggling Magazine, it has been specifically taking care of promoting youth circus through: gaining istitutional recognition from the Italian Ministry of Culture; printing and distributing publications specifically dealing with youth circus; holding entry level stages for youth circus teachers; organizing annual national meetings for youth circus teachers; networking of all national youth circus schools and teachers; starting an advanced training for youth circus teachers since 2006; starting a professional course at University for youth circus trainers since 2009; organizing a European seminar in Italy dealing with social circus issues; representing the Italian field in NICE and EYCO

Österreichischer BundesVerband für Zirkuspädagogik – ÖBVZ (Austria)


The Federal Association for Circus Pedagogy „Österreichischer Bundesverband für Zirkuspädagogik – ÖBVZ“ is a network of circus schools, regional associations and circus teachers. It was founded in 2012 in Vienna and currently has 16 members in 6 of the 9 federal states of Austria.

The purpose of the association is to promote circus educational theorie, to support the pedagogical work of circus schools and teachers, to offer a place for networking, to develop common projects and to advocate circus as an independent art form.

Umbrella's in the rest of the world