Ideas of Inclusion- Capacity Building in Youth Circus

Started - 07/06/2021 | Ended - 30/12/2022

Project start: June 2021
Project end: December 2022

The project is continuing to be developed and disseminated in the partner countries

Ideas of Inclusion is an Erasmus+ funded project by six European partners. The project focuses on creating social inclusion through circus arts. The aim is to create materials and training for circus teachers who work continuously with young people but may not have training in youth work. The project provides circus teachers an understanding of what it feels like to be excluded and how they can promote a safe and welcoming learning environment for young people of all backgrounds. The project increases knowledge of best practices that allow a diverse young people to take part in circus activities.

The project consists of three parts: a group of experts creating a model training of 1/2-1 day that helps circus teacher to recognize their role in creating social inclusion and how different ways of speaking or acting can increase or decrease it; a training for trainers; and bringing the training to national level where the training module is tested in multiplier events.

As research has shown that circus as a creative art form is a great tool of empowerment and increasing social confidence and skills, the project aims to making circus inclusive for everyone, including young people belonging to any minorities. Through the trainings and the training materials more circus teachers are capable of supporting young people and aware of what creates a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere.

Suomen Nuorisosirkusliitto (FYCA), Finland
BAG-Zirkuspädagogik (BAG), Germany
Slovensko zdruzenje za cirkusko pedagogiko – Cirkokrog, Slovenia
UK Youth Circus Network (Circusworks), United Kingdom
Federacion Española de Escuelas de Circo Socio Educativo (FEECSE), Spain
European Youth Circus Organisation (EYCO), France

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