Pedagogical masterclasses

Find out here how to organize your own Pedagogical masterclasses

You will find:

  • a basic program that will help you to create a masterclass for you and your collegues
  • some good reading on teaching and technique
  • games which come in handy for warming up, cooling down and all kinds of stuff in between – linked to a circus discipline

The masterclass program is based on exchange. For the program we use three kinds of input:

  • a number of fixed themes from the youth workers field
  • the expertise of the masterclass participants and teachers
  • free exchange, essential for informal learning

For the fixed parts in the program you can invite expert teachers on the specific youth themes.
In order to put the input of the masterclass participants to full use, ask the participants to send input to the masterclass coordinator, at the latest some 3 to 4 weeks before the masterclass.
This input consists of:

  • their specialities
  • what they would like to exchange (technique, teaching, etcetera)
  • their questions drawn from their daily teaching practice

From this the masterclass coordinator makes a draft of the rest of the program, to be discussed during the first session. During this first session tasks are divided, such as participants taking care of the warming up and cooling down.