Assistant trainers

Materials for assistant trainers and assistant trainer training

Are you an assistant trainer or do you work with assistant trainers in a youth circus? Or is your youth circus thinking about involving assistant trainers in the future? These materials will help you. In the Erasmus+ funded project Assistant trainers sharing knowledge (ASK) three types of materials were created:

1. Booklet to support the circus schools and youth circuses in their work with assistant trainers (available in several languages)

Assistant Trainer Guidebook for Circus Schools (English)
Guía para las Personas Formadoras Asistentes en Escuelas de Circo (Spanish)
Assistant Trainer – Leitfaden für Zirkusschulen (German)
Gids voor Circusorganisaties in het begeleiden van Assistent Trainers (Flemish)
Guida alla figura dell’Assistente per la Scuole di Circo (Italian)
Asystent Trenera – wytyczne dla szkół cyrkowych (Polish)
Guide de l’assistant-initiateur à destination des écoles de cirque (French)
Priročnik za vključevanje asistentk_ov cirkuške_ga pedagoga_inje (Slovenian)
Apuohjaajatoiminnan opas sirkuskouluille (Finnish)
Abitreenerite käsiraamat tsirkusekoolidele (Estonian)

2. Curriculum for circus assistant trainer training

Curriculum for Assistant Trainers (PDF)

3. Video materials for assistant trainers and their training

Playlist with all videos:

Dos and Don’ts


Warm ups

Doing things properly. What does “properly” mean?

Blah Blah Blah. Talking too much?

Who’s first? How to solve problems and lining up

Physical Safety: Assisting and Awareness

Physical Safety: Equipment

Emotional Safety

Eye Level

Phones – Friend or Foe?

Role models

In front of Class


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