European program for basic circus training

cate PROJECT – European program for a basic circus trainer

Assisted by an EU Grundtvig Grant, and in cooperation with the European Youth Circus Organisation (EYCO) 10 European youth circuses created the project cate – Circus Adults Training in Europe Click here if you want to find out why and how.

On this page you will find also the people who took part in the first cate course, organized as part of the PEYC project. They now have the experience of going through this program and could assist you setting up a cate course in your country.

Working Method

Starting point were the job level descriptions developed by an EYCO working group. Based on these descriptions the choice was made to focus the training program on the basic level. The next step was to clearly define the competencies of a basic circus trainer. Talking through teaching manners, pedagogical methods and sharing experience within small working groups, it became clear that there were many possible ways of nurturing a learner towards gaining these competencies.
It became clear that to create a trainer program format suitable to the needs of every European country was difficult, and that trainers should be able to tailor the program to fit their particular needs.
Therefore two different formats were developed:

A ready-made day-to-day program – cate Handbook starting at page 17


a modular program –  cate Handbook starting at page 33

Meet the cate-experts, ready to bring cate to your youth circus!


cate TEACHERS    
Tommaso Negri Italy
Petra Maki-Neuvonen Finland
Isabel van Maele Belgium
Andrea Martinez Calzado Spain
Rob Thorburn UK
Ben Hyde UK
Javi Amigo Spain
Julian Cottenie Belgium
Mie Rose Clemens Denmark
Mikkel Winther Jørgensen Denmark
Marta Rudnicka Denmark
Peter Christian Jørgensen Denmark
Trine Fryba Lund Christensen Denmark
Lena Biedlingmaier Germany
Eemi Jämbäck Finland
Finn Carragher Ireland
Katharina Gruener Italy
Aryen Bhagirath Netherlands
José María Franco Rodríguez. Spain
Laura Pérez Spain
Pol Vives Spain
Violeta Alcázar Domingo Spain
Anna Rubio Manresa Spain
Naomi Stiefel Switzerland
Will Borrell UK
Liza Ryan UK