Working Group

During the 2009 London N.I.C.E seminar two working groups were formed. The working group ‘Pedagogic’ and the working group ‘Artistic’. Based on the discussions during N.I.C.E. in London the management commitee formulated in Januari 2010 some priorities for the period 2010-2011. Below you’ll find for each working group their goals and actions they want to accomplish.


1. Gather Information on:
– training programs (basic/ disciplines/..)
– standards (basic/ disciplines/..)
– experts (basic/ disciplines/..)

First actions: Meeting Wg training 2010 with people from the: Bag, BIC, FP, BIAc.
First Thoughts: what with the results of the work already done?

2. A basic teacher training (in English):
First thoughts: different supliers, standards, modules.


1. Gather Information on artistic groups & leaders in youth circus

–  collecting presentations & video’s of productions
–  collecting info on: artistic directors, coaches,
–  choreographers, scenographers, etc.

First actions: meeting working group Artistic during (Circa Festival Auch, France, 28 october 2010).
First thoughts: how to collect information a+b and create tool, how to support the exchange (using a+b).

2. Information on artistic topics in youth circus

– Seminar with artistic leaders (in yc) ‐> tool.

First actions: meeting WG A & artistic leaders (Hannover, 2011)
First thoughts: topics on artistic working with youth circusses.
Future aim: preparing a European (EYCO) artistic festival (2013)